"oh GOODY.  We are all off to Chindys Cattery next month.  It will be so good to have all that care and attention."

I have been taking my family of fur and feathers to Chindys Cattery for the last 10 years.  You get guaranteed love and care from Cindy and her staff.  They come home well and oh so relaxed that we have to coax them out of their beds.  Having their own little garden with tree stumps and Catnip growing is a plus.  They are able to go out into the sun or back in if it rains.  Cindy caters for everything they need and the love and attention she gives each and every one while in her capable care puts your mind at rest. I would recommend her cattery to anyone who needs to know their cats, dogs and birds are well looked after.

Maddy Fabian, Customer