There is no doubt that the Chinchilla Longhair is one of the most beautiful of all cat breeds.  Their striking eyes with black liner, and silver/black tipping on their luxurious, silky coats are what attract most people.

Chinchilla Longhair cats have large, round eyes, ranging from aqua marine to emerald, the true colour only showing between ages 2-4 years.  Their eyes do not tear, and due to their slightly longer noses, they do not have breathing problems.

We currently have three active queens, two queens in training, and two active studs. Our kittens are raised underfoot, and are adequately socialised by the time they are ready to leave for their forever homes at age 10-12 weeks.

Kittens are only sold to approved homes, subject to being sterilized at 6 months.  Our cats and kittens are all registered with the South African Cat Council and have received their first inoculations at 9 weeks.

Kittens cost R4500.  We occasionally have adult, retired cats available to approved homes.

Please contact us for availability of kittens or adult retirees.